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IWOK Restaurant

Energize your body with ancient WOK cooking style

Make your own meal with our choice of bases, sauces, proteins, and toppings. Get it tossed in a wok in front of you.

eat right. now

Fresh and Healthy

Our dishes are made with fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection. We offer a variety of healthy options to satisfy your cravings.

Nasi Goreng the one of the top signature dish from the IWOK restaurant. Discover the flavors of Asian cuisine.
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plus taste, minus calories.

WOK towards a healthy culinary journey

Savor flavor without the calories. Indulge guilt-free in our delicious treats, where taste takes the lead, and calories take a backseat.

order online. live offline.

three clicks never tasted yum...

Relax and enjoy your meal in a casual and comfortable environment. Our friendly staff is always ready to make your dining experience a memorable one.

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Locations & Hours

walk in, wok out


Dining & Delivery- 6, Pearl Marina Hotel Apartment, Dubai 

Delivery only- Karama, Dubai | Mussafah Abu Dhabi

Opening Hours

Mon - Sun: 11am - 2am

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